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Karen Fell

Dear Decorative Painter,

I've been painting since the mid 90's taking classes at lots of locations.  Unfortunately, the small Tole Stores have slowly gone out of business or their owners have retired.  Like lots of painters, I initially had a spot in my home to paint, but then one day we got puppies.  My spot had to be "closed due to floating hair".  Next thing you know, it's been 3 years since I've painted anything.  One day, I'm in the Huntington Beach area and I stopped by "The Folk Artist".  Kitty was the owner then and she encouraged me to take classes on a Saturday.  The store is about 30 miles from my home and a night class wasn't feasible, so I joined in the Saturday morning class with 6 or 7 other gals.  I called my best painting buddy and she came down too. Wow, did we have lots of fun!  The class was structured to paint whatever you wanted.  Kitty was there to help you with the problem areas and to give her great "painters tips".  She painted lots of samples up, so we always had something new to "Just have to paint that too!" projects.  One day Kitty had to retire.  We all were very concerned that we were going to lose our painting store.  CT then came to the rescue.

The store is "my studio" now.  We all pay a monthly fee and that entitles us to a key to the store.  We still meet the same day and time as our old class time.  We don't have a "teacher", but there are some darn good painters that paint with me and give great suggestions and help. (Cathy is terrific and one of the best painters I've ever seen).  CT brings in books, new ideas, and new techniques so we always have something new to see in the store.  She also supplies all the goodies that we need to paint and so the "store" section is always current.  She can also have any wood cut for us too.  We can paint whenever we want for as long as we want with that monthly fee! I absolutely love it!  I know that I can find some things at Michael's and Hobby Lobby at a cheaper price, but the "Folk Artist" carries everything a decorative painter needs all in one spot.  All the paint colors are available and the other supplies are our necessaries!  The wood is cut by a wonderful wood cutter, so we get just what we want!  CT also brings in new technique supplies too.  She also has seminars for projects that we all might want to learn together. One class was taught by my friend Sandy, to paint dominoes and then she taught us the beading portion to make a unique one-of-a kind necklace.

My friends at the store are always encouraging and we laugh and tell stories and gossip the whole morning.  Sure, I can paint at home anytime for free, and still do.  However, paying for the use of the store encourages me to drive all that distance, join in with the girls and start my weekend off with a bang!  The socializing makes the painting even more rewarding.  It also means I get plenty of practice, paint many more projects and even dig out my old painting books and do things that I've wanted to do for years because I can get the wood cut too!  

I hope you too will want to join the "Folk Artist Painters".  Come on down any Saturday morning and we'll make you feel right at home!

Happy Painting!

Kathy Bryne

I have been painting at The Folk Artist for almost 20 years.  During that time I have had the satisfaction of not only learning how to tole paint, but honing that skill year after year. 

I have also made many friends during that time and every week I look forward to painting with those friends.

Besides the fun of painting with my friends, I get ideas for new projects, and all the paints and supplies are right there if needed.  We also have great discussions about the books we are reading, the movies we have seen, and someone will have a recipe for almost anything you want to cook.

We love making new friends at The Folk Artist, so come join us.

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