Julie Haymaker Flower Necklace Oct 14th


Wrap my heart in flowers

Saturday OCt 14th  10:00 - 4:00

6 hours class



We will start by cutting out a heart using 24 gauge copper and tin snips. We then will sweat solder hammered copper nails to the back edge of the heart allowing these to stick out around the perimeter . We then add steal annealed wire wrapped lines to the nails forming a cage around the heart. The heart is then distressed using metal aging patina.

A shrink plastic bloom and 2 leaves will be created .Colored pencils are used add patterns and color to the leaves and bloom A Shrinkets molds is used to form the flower bloom .

An oval base is cut out and punched from Julie’s shrink plastic opulent collection.

All are layered and attached to the heart using beading and cold connection techniques.

A chain necklace is added. Beaded links may will be created depending on the time each person has once the pendant is completed. The beads will be part of your kit and you may opt to do the links later if you do not have the time in class.

All materials and supplies will be provided by the Julie . Julie will bring torches and soldering stations to share . If you do not want to share please fell free to bring your own . We use a simple Creme brûlée style cooking torch and solder block.

Lunch will be provided

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